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Macropus eugenii

e.g. DAXX or 2-MHC

Wallaby MHC

Presented here are tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii) contigs and isolated BACs containing MHC related genes. The sequence contains Extended Class I and Class I and II regions, antigen processing genes, Class II DAA, DAB, DBA and DBB genes and Class II pseudogenes and olfactory receptor genes. The MHC of the wallaby is fragmented, with the primary gene cluster located on chromosome 2q and ten BACs containing class I genes located at six different chromosomal locations.

This Release

Release Date 30th March 2009
Datafreeze Date 3rd March 2009
Gene Count 193
Annotated Sequence Length 5,811,568 bp

Comparative Analysis

Region Available species / haplotypes / strains Examples
MHC dog, chimpanzee, gorilla, human (ref. plus 7 haplotypes), mouse (ref. plus 2 NOD strains), pig (Duroc & Large White), tasmanian devil, wallaby example

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