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Tasmanian devil

Sarcophilus harrisii

e.g. GUCA1A or 4-MHC

Tasmanian devil MHC

Presented here are several contigs containing Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) MHC Class I and II genes and pseudogenes. Genes included are Class I antigen genes (orthologous to the human HLA family), TAP and PSMB family genes, and Class II DAB, DRA, DRB genes.

This Release

Release Date Oct 2013
Datafreeze Date 9th Sept 2013
Gene Count 32
Annotated Sequence Length 1,024,534 bp

Comparative Analysis

Region Available species / haplotypes / strains Examples
MHC dog, chimpanzee, gorilla, human (ref. plus 7 haplotypes), mouse (ref. plus 2 NOD strains), pig (Duroc & Large White), rat (mixed sex strain), tasmanian devil, wallaby example

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