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LHC regions in Vega

The Leucocyte Receptor Complex (LRC) is similar to the LRC in that is a significant region of the genome since many genetic determinants for autoimmune diseases and some infectious diseases have been linked to it. Vega shows the annotation of this region in three species, and also includes comparative pairwise analyses of it. This involves both comparisons within between the same region in human haplotypes, and also between species. For further details on the regions used in this analysis see our comparative analysis documentation.


Annotation of eight human LRC haplotypes was originally undertaken as part of the Chromosome 19 LRCC Haplotype Project.


500kbp of Sscrofa10.2 chromosome 6 (53.5Mbp - 54Mbp) has been annotated. For further information about this region, and the pig annotation in general, see the pig assembly and annotation page.


A small region of chromosome 19 from the gorilla CHORI-255 BAC library has been annotated.