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Name Strains Location (C57BL/6J) Clones (C57BL/6J)
Idd5.1 NOD/MrkTac,
1:65533102-69307244 AL683804.15 to AL645534.20
Idd5.3 NOD/MrkTac 1:65533102-69307244 AC100180.12 to AC101699.9
Idd5.4 NOD/MrkTac 1:130232728-130661594 AC123760.9 to AC109283.8
Idd3 NOD/MrkTac,
3:36492618-37600833 AC117584.11 to AL627074.11
Idd10 NOD/MrkTac 3:99848826-101467080 AC167172.3 to AC131184.4
Idd18.1 NOD/MrkTac 3:109144756-109930492 AL845310.4 to AL683824.8
Idd18.2 NOD/MrkTac 3:103489414-104054885 AC123057.4 to AC129293.9
Idd9.1 NOD/MrkTac 4:128371876-131853368 AL627093.17 to AL670959.8
Idd9.1M NOD/MrkTac 4:134841437-135252443 AL611963.24 to AL669936.12
Idd9.2 NOD/MrkTac 4:146049976-149895141 CR788296.8 to AL626808.28
Idd9.3 NOD/MrkTac 4:149556939-151385803 AL607078.26 to AL606967.14
Idd6.1 + Idd6.2 (combined) NOD/ShiLtJ 6:143550839-149565172 AC164704.4 to AC164090.3
Idd6.AM NOD/ShiLtJ 6:129593784-131241919 AC171002.2 to AC163356.2
Idd4.1 NOD/MrkTac 11:69704895-71153537 AL596185.12 to AL663042.5
Idd4.2 NOD/MrkTac 11:72734492-74404570 AL663082.5 to AL604065.7
Idd4.2Q NOD/ShiLtJ 11:86785996-90007691 AL596111.7 to AL645695.18
Idd16.1 NOD/ShiLtJ 17:27302611-29220265 AC125141.4 to AC167363.3
Idd1 (MHC) NOD/MrkTac,
17:33567721-38721962 CT033847.5 to AC134471.3

Insulin Dependent Diabetes (Idd) regions in different strains

Vega presents the annotation of several candidate Insulin Dependent (Type 1) Diabetes (Idd) susceptibility loci mapped to chromosomes 1, 3, 4, 6, 11 and 17. These have been annotated as part of a project to sequence the Idd regions in the Non-Obese Diabetic (NOD) mouse genome and to investigate the role of these regions in Type 1 diabetes. They have have been annotated in the reference (C57BL/6J) and one or more of NOD/MrkTac, NOD/ShiLtJ, and 129 strains. This approach allows for the comparison of the genomic sequence and genes in the candidate loci between diabetes resistant and diabetes sensitive strains, looking for example for SNPs (Wicker et al. (2004) J Immunology 173: 164-173). For more information on this project please email Charles Steward or see the NOD mouse website.

The mouse MHC region in C57BL/6J is defined by markers D17Mit16 and D17Mit176 and contains the genes associated with the classic MHC. The homologous region of the MHC is also represented in both NOD mouse strains (NOD/MrkTac and NOD/ShiLtJ) although the NOD/ShiLtJ sequence has been extended to include the olfactory receptors at the distal end.

The regions and strains used are indicated on the table to the right. The figure below shows the approximate locations of these regions on the reference strain and the relative sizes with respect to each other. Clicking on a region in the figure or a link in the rightheand column of the table will take you to the appropriate chromosome summary page.

chromosome 1-Idd5.1_CHO chromosome 1-Idd5.1_DIL chromosome 1-Idd5.4_DIL chromosome 1-Idd5.3_DIL chromosome 3-Idd18.2_DIL hromosome 3-Idd18.1_DIL chromosome 3-Idd10_DIL chromosome 3-Idd3_DIL chromosome 3-Idd3_129 chromosome 4-Idd9.1M_DIL chromosome 4-Idd9.3_DIL chromosome 4-Idd9.2_DIL chromosome 4-Idd9.1_DIL chromosome 6-Idd6.AM_CHO chromosome 6-Idd6.1_2_CHO chromosome 11-Idd4.1_DIL chromosome 11-Idd4.2_DIL chromosome 11-Idd4.2Q_CHO chromosome 17-Idd16.1_CHO chromosome 17-Idd1_DIL chromosome 17-Idd1_CHO strains

Further information on NOD mouse genome annotation can be found in:

  • The non-obese diabetic mouse sequence, annotation and variation resource: an aid for investigating type 1 diabetes. Steward CA, Gonzalez JM, Trevanion S, Sheppard D, Kerry G, Gilbert JG, Wicker LS, Rogers J and Harrow JL
    Database : the journal of biological databases and curation 2013;2013;bat032 PUBMED: 23729657; PMC: 3668384; DOI: 10.1093/database/bat032